EPES Transport

EPES Transport, a transportation company based out of Greensboro, was in the same position as many other companies in the trucking industry. To compound the struggle to recruit drivers, the turnover rate in the trucking industry is exceptionally high at around 95%. The apprenticeship program at EPES Transport is one year long, and the first six weeks is spent driving under the supervision of a mentor. Driving an 80,000 pound vehicle with a 53 foot trailer at over 60 miles per hour is much more complicated than one might initially perceive it to be. The apprenticeship program at EPES Transport is dedicated to providing opportunities to veterans as well. Edison Cyrus, a recruiter at EPES Transport and a veteran himself, said, “They [veterans] have the work ethic, team player mentality, self-motivation, and require minimal supervision. They are everything a truck driver is really.” At the end of the program, apprentices receive a journeyman’s certificate.