Advisory Council

What is the NC Apprenticeship Advisory Council?

The NC Apprenticeship Advisory Council is composed of four representatives from employer and employee organizations.

Functions of the Apprenticeship Advisory Council

  1. Cooperate with school authorities regarding the education of apprentices.
  2. Work in an advisory capacity with employers and employees in matters regarding schedule of operations, applications of wage rates, working conditions for apprentices, and specification of the number of apprentices that will be employed locally in the trade.
  3. Adjust apprenticeship disputes to ascertain the prevailing rate for journeymen in the city or trade area and specify the graduated scale of wages applicable to apprentices in a trade.
  4. Ascertain employment needs in such trade or group of trades and specify the appropriate current ratio of apprentices to journeymen.
  5. Formulate recommendations for the general good of apprentices engaged in the trade or grades represented by the committee.