Apprenticeship Partner Benefits

Apprenticeship Partner Benefits

You’ve heard the expression, “It takes a village”? The best, most successful apprenticeship programs rely on partners. While ApprenticeshipNC and your consulting team will work with you to get your programs set up and registered, we recommend engaging with one (or more) partners to help build a long-lasting program that will provide the best return on your investment.

Here are some of the benefits you might receive from our primary partners:

Community Colleges (Educational Institutes)

  • Provide crucial support, such as curriculum development, and deliver related instruction to apprentices
  • Educational institutions can also help develop curricula that allow apprentices to earn diplomas and certifications upon completion
  • Grant funding available to pay for education assistance for specific industries
  • Resource partner for employers in providing the education for apprenticeship
  • Resource for potential financial aid for apprentices

Workforce Development Boards

  • Help recruit and screen candidates to be apprentices
  • Provide pre-apprenticeship and basic skills preparation
  • Contribute funding for on-the-job training or related instruction
  • Potential resource for apprentice candidates
  • Resource for talent


  • When companies combine resources, challenges within programs are more easily overcome.
  • Cost effective
  • Talent driven strategy
  • Creates innovation for apprentices and companies to overcome obstacles; there is power in numbers
  • Creates long term sustainability
  • Provides a high-quality career pathway
  • Industry driven
  • Has a unified purpose
  • Creates a culture of excellence

North Carolina Public School System (K-12)

  • Source for new and untapped talent/pipeline of talent
  • Access to students in CTE Programs and other trades offered at high school level
  • Provide guidance and resource for youth apprentices
  • Creates a career pathway
  • Creates an opportunity for education/earn while you learn
  • Opportunity to begin career in high school

Incumbent Workers & Veterans

In addition to the partner benefits above, there are often other options available specific to incumbent workers and veterans. In many cases, the employer may receive grant funding to pay for training expenses; and qualifying veterans may take advantage of GI Bill© benefits to cover part or all of the training costs.

If you have questions about any of these potential partner benefits, please reach out to your regional consultant.