Registered apprenticeship is a training program designed to meet the needs of the employer by providing the employee with structured on-the-job learning, related instruction and a progressive wage scale. Your apprenticeship consultant will help guide the program setup and coordinate, as needed, with your local community college for classroom instruction. Registered apprentices earn state and national credentials certifying their skills.

Learn how registered apprenticeship can help you build a skilled workforce that meets your needs. To get started, you may contact an ApprenticeshipNC representative in your area. 

Process Overview

Step 1 Contact Us
Step 1 Contact Us

Contact ApprenticeshipNC Consultant

Step 2 Build Program
Step 2 Build Your Program

Provide New Employer Information to ApprenticeshipNC Consultant

Step 3 Program Check
Step 3 Program Check

ApprenticeshipNC Director Reviews and Approves Customized Standards of Apprenticeship Developed with Employer's Input

Step 4 Program Registered
Step 4 Program Registered

Consultant Receives Finalized Standards of Apprenticeship and Certificate of Registration

Step 5 Launch Program
Step 4 Launch Program

Employer Implements Registered Apprenticeship Program

Let's Get Started!

Begin Step 1

The first step in creating an apprenticeship program for your business is to locate and contact an ApprenticeshipNC consultant in your area. We will guide you through the remaining steps!

How-to Video

This video explains how you can create a regsistered apprenticeship program for your business in just five steps.

More About Registered Apprenticeships

Apprenticeship Partner Benefits

You’ve heard the expression, “It takes a village”?
The best, most successful apprenticeship programs rely on partners. While ApprenticeshipNC and your consulting team will work with you to get your programs set up and registered, we recommend engaging with one (or more) partners to help build a long-lasting program that will provide the best return on your investment.

Incumbent Workers & Veterans

There are often other options available specific to incumbent workers and veterans.
In many cases, the employer may receive grant funding to pay for training expenses; and qualifying veterans may take advantage of GI Bill© benefits to cover part or all of the training costs. If you have questions about any of these potential benefits, please reach out to your regional consultant.