Success Story: Pike Electric & Warren McCurry

Warren McCurry, Pike Electric

You can do whatever you want in this line of work and go as far as you want. It’s never too late to start.
Warren McCurry


Warren McCurry



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While many apprentices start their programs right out of high school, Warren McCurry took a slightly different path. He spent 20 years working as a lineman before signing up as an apprentice with Pike Electric. “I realized one day if I was going to encourage my younger workers to sign up and improve themselves, I needed to do it, too,” said McCurry, a general foreman with the company. “So, a few years ago, three of my crew members and I got in an apprenticeship program together.”

“I enjoy sharing my knowledge, so I helped tutor my crew members in the program,” McCurry added. “Joining as a group helped us motivate each other. Some of the boys don’t have computers, so the company allowed us to use the computers and iPads in the conference room to stay on top of the program.” McCurry credits his supervisor with helping ensure he completed the program.

McCurry believes he had a head start because of his electrical work, but still saw quick benefits from the program, including learning about the different trades within the industry and the broad range of career choices available.

“You can do whatever you want in this line of work and go as far as you want,” said McCurry. “It’s never too late to start.”