2020 ApprenticeshipNC Annual Conference

2020 ApprenticeshipNC Annual Conference


  • Thursday, March 5, 2020 - 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Friday, March 6, 2020 - 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club
3001 Cameron Boulevard
Durham, NC 27705
(919) 490-0999

Washington Duke Inn


Learn about creating your workforce at the ApprenticeshipNC Annual Conference, March 5 and 6, 2020, at the Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club in Durham.

Conference Sessions

Here's a peek at the sessions we have planned for the ApprenticeshipNC Conference. This page will be updated as more presentations are added to the agenda.

March 5

Opening Speaker: Ted Abernathy, managing partner, Economic Leadership LLC: Eight Trends That Will Transform North Carolina Businesses in the Next 10 Years

Abernathy and the team at Economic Leadership work with a diverse group of public and private clients to develop state and local strategic action agendas, identify best practices, apply data analytics, and reimagine the future. Abernathy is the principal author of dozens of reports on future trends, workforce and technology, and speaks on the economy almost every week.

Session 1: Youth Apprenticeship: Building North Carolina’s Talent Pipeline

Youth are being sought out to meet the demands of the skills gap that employers are facing. They are being trained in various technical occupations with high reward for themselves and the company. Industry leaders will discuss how youth apprenticeships have helped their companies develop a skilled workforce. Panelists will tell how partnerships with the K-12 system and local community colleges have helped them create a youth apprenticeship pipeline. You will also hear youth apprentices describe their experiences and how apprenticeship has advanced their careers and changed their lives.

Lunch Speaker: Brent Parton, deputy director, Center on Education & Skills, New America

Parton's work focuses on industry-led federal and state policies related to skills and workforce development. He is leading the Partnership to Advance Youth Apprenticeship, a national, multi-year initiative that supports states and cities to looking to expand apprenticeship opportunities across industry sectors.

Session 2: Pre-Apprenticeship: A Realistic Job Preview

Pre-apprenticeship is more than just a short-term training program, it’s an opportunity for employers to engage, evaluate and train potential apprentices. Employers are also able to streamline the recruitment process and pre-screen a qualified, job-ready apprentice pool. Get helpful tips from industries that are using pre-apprenticeship to prepare individuals for a career and success in registered apprenticeship.

Session 3: Partnership Pays Off for Employers

Partnerships are important to the success of registered apprenticeship. Partners such as local community colleges, workforce development agencies and ApprenticeshipNC help businesses thrive by offering a wide range of services with a goal of creating highly skilled and highly productive employees. These partnerships have helped industries increase worker skills, meet employment needs and raise performance outcomes. During this session, industry leaders and workforce partners will focus on how partnerships have benefited employers and their surrounding communities.

Session 4: Registered Apprenticeship: What’s Working Well

Find out how apprenticeship sponsors are using the hybrid training model to help apprentices obtain their fully qualified skill level in a shorter period of time. This model gives employers a chance to build a workforce trained to meet their particular needs. Apprenticeship offers a flexible training solution aligned with national and company-specific standards. The result is a well-skilled, well-rounded employee who’s ready for a professional career in the company. Apprenticeships are a great way to develop a pipeline of talented, highly skilled employees to help businesses grow.

March 6

Session 5: Key Responsibilities of Registered Apprenticeship Sponsors

Sponsors make significant investments in designing and executing their registered apprenticeship program. Hear directly from employers who have dispelled myths that may cause businesses to hesitate to register an apprenticeship program. Learn how the day-to-day responsibilities of managing the program have a positive impact on the company and the apprentices.

Session 6: Veterans in Registered Apprenticeship

Registered apprenticeship is a viable career option for many servicemen and women who are transitioning out of the military. Many employers have discovered just how to use apprenticeships as an effective recruiting tool, finding outstanding job candidates and providing an opportunity for the veteran to tap into GI Bill and other veterans benefits. Panelists representing organizations that engage with veterans will share best practices for using registered apprenticeship to successfully recruit and train veterans in various industries.

Session 7: Employer to Employer: Why Registered Apprenticeship Works for Us

Interested in incorporating a registered apprenticeship program within your company? Hear from industry leaders who make apprenticeship work every day. The panel will share best practices for implementing and managing a registered apprenticeship program, and highlight the benefits to their businesses.

Closing Speaker: Peyton Holland, executive director, National Technical Honor Society

Holland heads the National Technical Honor Society, a non-profit dedicated to celebrating and empowering students in all areas of career and technical education. Prior to that, he served as the executive director of SkillsUSA North Carolina, a non-profit that leads efforts to prepare students for the workforce through the development of personal, workplace and technical skills. Holland grew up in rural North Carolina, learning the value of hard work and skill early in life. From the lessons he learned on the farm and at the family sawmill, to the experiences he gained traveling internationally and acquiring a master’s in business administration and global innovation management, Holland brings a unique perspective to the conversation of education, workforce development and economic growth.

Hotel Information

All conference-rate rooms at the Washington Duke Inn have been booked. However, the JB Duke Hotel across the street has rooms available at its standard rates. For reservations, call toll-free 844-490-7100.